Technical Articles


These technical articles will teach you more about aspects of Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry (Industry 8.1).

Update Windows Embedded 8.1 settings after deployment

Helps you use System Center Configuration Manager to manage settings on a device running Industry 8.1.

Update Windows Embedded 8.1 devices that are protected by UWF

Helps you to update Industry 8.1 settings on devices that are protected with Unified Write Filter (UWF).

Customize a Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry image before deployment

Helps you to customize your Industry 8.1 image with lockdown features before you deploy it to your devices.

Lockdown settings removed through Sysprep in Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry

Helps you understand lockdown settings that are removed during the Sysprep process in Industry 8.1 so that you can set them again after deployment

Use assigned access to lock down a Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry device

Helps you use assigned access to set up a single function device, restricting a user account to access a single Windows Store app:

  • Understand how assigned access interacts with other features and settings.
  • Configure assigned access.
  • Turn off assigned access.
  • Get the current configuration for assigned access.
Volume activation guide for Windows Embedded 8 and Windows Embedded 8.1

Describes the volume activation options available for Windows Embedded 8 and Windows Embedded 8.1 devices including:

  • Active Directory-Based Activation
  • Key Management Services (KMS) Activation
  • Multiple Activation Key (MAK) Activation
Best practices for selecting an app for assigned access

Provides guidance around selecting an appropriate app for assigned access.