Set up server-side synchronization of email, appointments, contacts, and tasks


Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

You can use server-side synchronization to synchronize your email system with Dynamics CRM at the server level. For example, you can synchronize CRM Online with Microsoft Exchange Online (hosted email server) or Microsoft Exchange Server (on-premises). If you synchronize Dynamics CRM with Exchange Online or Exchange Server, in addition to Outlook email, you can synchronize Outlook appointments, contacts, and tasks.

You can also use server-side synchronization to synchronize Dynamics CRM with a POP3 email server for web-hosted email like Gmail or If you synchronize email with a POP3 email server, you can’t synchronize appointments, contacts, and tasks, however.


Using encryption software (such as Vaultive) together with server-side synchronization is not supported.

Synchronization scenarios

Choose one of the following scenarios to configure server-side synchronization for your organization:


You can also synchronize email, appointments, contacts, and tasks with Dynamics CRM for Outlook, or synchronize email with the Dynamics CRM Email Router, but server-side synchronization is the preferred synchronization method. More information: Integrate your email system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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