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Topic Last Modified: 2014-10-13

Test Lab Guides (TLGs) help you quickly learn about Microsoft products. They’re great for situations where you need to evaluate a technology before you decide whether it’s right for you or before you roll it out to users. This important, "I built it out myself, and it works" hands-on experience helps you plan your deployment.

In most cases, the TLGs are modular, meaning that they build on one another. Here’s an example:

Windows Server 2012 Public Cloud TLG stack

In this case, you build a small domain (Windows Server 2012 Public Cloud Base Configuration), and then you complete other modules that build on it; you don’t have to start from scratch to complete additional modules.

The following Office TLGs are available:

Test Lab Guide: Configure an integrated Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint test lab – This guide shows you how to configure OAuth authentication between Exchange Server 2013, SharePoint Server 2013, and Lync Server 2013. This is a foundation piece for configuring integrated features, such as eDiscovery.

Watch a short video to learn about the Integrated Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint Test Lab Guide.

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Test Lab Guide: Configure eDiscovery for an Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, and Windows File Shares Test Lab – This guide shows you how to set up SharePoint Server 2013 search to crawl SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, and Windows file shares for important messages or documents about legal action or similar matters.

Test Lab Guide: Configuring an Office 365 Trial Subscription – This guide shows you how to sign up for Office 365 and activate a trial subscription. After completing this module, you can set up hybrid scenarios that use on-premises workloads, such as Exchange Server, and integrate them with Office 365.

You can find announcements for test-lab guide releases on the Microsoft Test Lab Guides blog.

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