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Configure Microsoft Intune


Updated: May 18, 2015

Applies To: Microsoft Intune

Use this guide to learn what to plan for and how to set up your instance of Microsoft Intune.

Following are pointers to key subjects that can help you separate different administrative tasks and users, prepare for different device and network configurations, and customize your subscription for your company and users.

After you set up your service, assign licenses for Intune to users, and enroll devices, you are ready to manage those devices. You can convert a trial subscription to a full subscription at any time. To convert a trial subscription, see How to buy Intune.

Learn about key foundational concepts for using the Intune cloud service, including integration with other Microsoft products and services, how your data is managed in the cloud, and what it means to call Intune a tenant of Microsoft Azure Active Directory:

Learn how Intune separates administrative and day-to-day management tasks, and how users interact with the service, including details about the administrative accounts, administrative web consoles, and the company portal:

Learn about requirements and configurations you need to use Intune on your internal network and on the Internet. They include network ports and domains that must be accessible and the supported web browsers you can use to access Intune:

Learn about the devices you can manage, including computer and mobile device requirements and management capabilities for different platforms:

Find instructions to help you set up your instance of the Intune service, including subscribing to the service, customizing your company information and domain name, managing devices and users, and assigning licenses to users so they can access Intune:

Learn about common maintenance tasks, such as backup and recovery, and how they apply to Intune:

Learn how to use groups that help you organize your groups and devices to best fit your company structure and to simplify administration.

Learn how to use policies to control settings and features on your devices like Endpoint Protection, software updates and mobile device security.

Learn about the most recent changes to the Intune service, including new features and a history of past releases:

Find resources to help you identify problems when you cannot access or otherwise manage your instance of Intune, including how to check the availability of the service and common blockers for setting up or accessing the service:

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