Match prices for products [AX 2012]

Updated: March 26, 2014

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

This topic describes how to match prices for products in a call center. The price matching feature lets call center workers match a competitor's price for a product. To match prices, a worker first creates a sales order that uses the regular price of the product and then invoices the order. After the invoice is created, the worker lowers the price to the requested amount by creating a credit that is applied to the customer's account.

You can set a limit on the amount of the credit that is created for a price match. To limit the credit amount, set the maximum amount for an order credit in the call center parameters.

The following table shows the prerequisites that must be in place before you start.



Required setup tasks

Set up a call center. You must select the Enable order completion and Enable order price control check boxes in the call center settings. Additionally, you must add the user who creates sales orders to the list of users for the call center channel. For more information, see Set up a call center.

Set up payment methods (Call center).

Set the call center parameters that are related to order credits, such as the journal name, offset account, and charges code to use for the price match credit. You can also set the maximum amount that is allowed for order credits.

To set the parameters for order credits, follow these steps.

  1. Click Call center > Setup > Call center parameters.

  2. In the left pane, click Payment.

  3. On the Order credits FastTab, in the Journal name field, select an appropriate journal to use for order credits. Right-click the Journal name field, and then select View details.

  4. In the Journal names form, in the Offset account field, select an appropriate offset account to use for the order credit. Set the other options for the journal as you require. Close the Journal names form.

  5. In the Call center parameters form, set the other order credit parameters. For more information about these parameters, see Set up payment methods (Call center).

To match a price for a product, first create a sales order, and invoice the order. Then create a credit to apply to the order. The amount of the credit is the difference between the original price of the product and the lower price that you want to match.

To match prices for a product, follow these steps.

  1. Click Call center > Common > All sales orders.

  2. Create a sales order, enter payment information, complete the order, and invoice the order.

  3. In the Sales order form, on the Sales order lines FastTab, click Update line, and then click Price match.

  4. In the Price match form, in the New price field, enter the new price for the product. The Credit amount field displays the amount of the credit, or the difference between the current price and the new price.

  5. In the Reason code field, select a reason code to use for the credit.


    For more information about how to set up reason codes that you can use for order credits, see Set up info codes.

  6. Select the Credit to account check box to credit the customer's account. If this check box is cleared, you can issue the credit by using any other payment method that the call center supports.

  7. On the Action Pane, click OK to process the credit.

Create a basic sales order for Call center

Apply payments in sales orders

If you don't have access to the pages that are used to complete this task, contact your system administrator and provide the information that is shown in the following table.



Configuration keys

Retail Headquarters configuration key

Call center configuration key

Payment configuration key

Security roles

Sales manager (to set call center parameters)

Accounts receivable clerk (to invoice sales orders)

Sales clerk (to create sales orders and match prices)

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