Example: Create a Report with a Group Check Box [AX 2012]

Updated: April 30, 2014

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

The following example provides information about how the BOMPartOf report was converted to use the current report programming model. This report provides an example of a report that requires a group check box in the UI.

  • The BOMPartOf report was migrated to the current report programming model.

  • An RDP contract was created.

  • The UI builder was used together with overrides so that the UI includes a group check box.

Before the conversion, the helper class did the following:

  • Add the fields to the dialog box.

  • Get the fields from the dialog box.

  • Set the report parameters.

  • Provide the grouping.

To see the full implementation, in the development workspace, click AOT > Classes > BOMPartOfUIBuilder. The following code illustrates how to create a form group control, and how to use the control in the build method, the getFromDialog method, and the getSearchIntervalFromDialog method.

public void build() 
    FormBuildGroupControl formBuildGroupControl; 
    formBuildGroupControl = this.dialog().curFormGroup(); 
public void getFromDialog() 
protected void getSearchIntervalFromDialog(Dialog _dialog) 
    BOMPartOfContract contract = this.dataContractObject(); 
    FormGroupControl dialogSearchIntervalGroup = _dialog.formRun().control(_dialog.formRun().controlId('Date')); 

The following code illustrates the contract for the BOMPartOf report.

    SysOperationGroupAttribute('Date', "@SYS25853", '4'), 
    SysOperationGroupAttribute('ViewGroup', "@SYS5252", '5') 
public class BomPartOfContract 

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