Specify a Forward Mailbox


Updated: November 28, 2016

Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

The forward mailbox is used as a collection box for email messages that are transferred from each Microsoft Dynamics CRM user’s mailbox by a server-side rule. The forward mailbox must be dedicated to the Email Router system, and should not be used as a working mailbox by an individual user.

Before you specify a forward mailbox, you must create or use an existing Exchange Server or POP3 mailbox that can be dedicated to processing email messages that are tracked by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. After you specify the forward mailbox, you can run the Rule Deployment Wizard to deploy the rules that will be used to forward email messages to the forward mailbox.


If you specify a POP3 mailbox as the forward mailbox, you must manually deploy the rules. The Rule Deployment Wizard cannot deploy rules to a POP3 email server. For information about how to deploy rules manually, see c578a81c-1b30-4ff3-b392-6ff1b78ce6e0#BKMK_CreateRuleManually.

Specify or modify a forward mailbox

  1. Make sure that you have a mailbox to dedicate as the forward mailbox. If you do not, see your messaging server documentation for information about how to create a mailbox. If you select Exchange Server as the incoming email server type, you must log on to the mailbox by using an email client such as Microsoft Office Outlook orOutlook on the web at least once to complete the creation of the mailbox.

  2. Click the Users, Queues, and Forward Mailboxes tab, and then click Load Data.

  3. When the list appears, click the Forward Mailboxes tab, and then click New. To change an existing forward mailbox, click Modify.

  4. In the Forward Mailbox dialog box, complete the following boxes, and then click OK:

    • Name. Type a name for the forward mailbox. This will be used to display in the Email Router Configuration Manager and the Rule Deployment Wizard.

    • Email Address. Type the email address for the forward mailbox, such as forwardmailbox@contoso.com.

    • Incoming Configuration Profile. Select the incoming configuration profile to associate with the forward mailbox. You can have multiple forward mailboxes that use different incoming configuration profiles.


      To delete email messages in the forward mailbox after they have been processed by the Email Router, select the Delete messages in forward mailbox after processing option.

  5. Click Publish.

  6. Stop the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email Router service. To do this, on the Start menu, type services.msc, and then press ENTER; or click Run, type services.msc, and then press ENTER. Right-click the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email Router service, and then click Stop.

  7. Restart the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email Router service. To do this, in the services list, right-click Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email Router, and then click Start.

  8. Click OK, and then close the Services application.

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