Test Access for Users, Queues, and Forward Mailboxes


Updated: November 28, 2016

Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

To help troubleshoot issues that may occur with accessing mailboxes, queues, and user information, the test access feature performs several tests on all users, queues, and forward mailboxes that are displayed in the Users and Queues and Forward Mailboxes lists. If all tests complete successfully, it is a good indication that the Email Router will be able to function correctly. During the test, the Email Router Configuration Manager displays name, incoming, and outgoing SMTP connection information for all potential users, queues, and forward mailboxes that appear in both lists on the Users and Queues and Forward Mailboxes tabs.


Users and queues are not created in the Email Router Configuration Manager. For information about how to create these items, see Manage users and Help & Training: Create or edit a queue.

Users, queues, or forward mailboxes that are disabled in Email Router Configuration Manager are ignored during the test. Test access performs the test on Microsoft Dynamics CRM users and queues that have the following criteria:

  • The user has a valid email address configured on the User form.

  • The user has Email Router configured in the Email access type - Incoming list on the User form.

Test access for users and queues

  1. On the Users, Queues, and Forward Mailboxes tab, click Load Data.

  2. On the Users and Queues tab, click Test Access. Alternatively, you can click the Forward Mailbox tab, and then click Test Access.

    The Test Access dialog box appears.

  3. View the results of the access test that are displayed in the Test Access dialog box. To close the Test Access dialog box, click Close.


    If a large number of items, such as hundreds of users, are tested, the test access process can take several minutes to complete.

  4. To cancel the test, click Close.

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