View licenses and services with Office 365 PowerShell


Applies to: Office 365 Enterprise, Office 365 Midsize Business, Office 365 Small Business

Topic Last Modified: 2017-10-05

Explains how to use Office 365 PowerShell to view information about the licensing plans, services, and licenses that are available in your Office 365 organization.

Every Office 365 subscription consists of the following elements:

  • Licensing plans   These are also known as license plans or Office 365 plans. Licensing plans define the Office 365 services that are available to users. Your Office 365 subscription may contain multiple licensing plans. An example licensing plan would be Office 365 Enterprise E3.

  • Services   These are also known as service plans. Services are the Office 365 products, features, and capabilities that are available in each licensing plan, for example, Exchange Online and Office Professional Plus. Users can have multiple licenses assigned to them from different licensing plans that grant access to different services.

  • Licenses   Each licensing plan contains the number of licenses that you purchased. You assign licenses to users so they can use the Office 365 services that are defined by the licensing plan. Every user account requires at least one license from one licensing plan so they can log on to Office 365 and use the services.

You can use Office 365 PowerShell to view details about the available licensing plans, licenses, and services in your Office 365 organization. For more information about the products, features, and services that are available in different Office 365 subscriptions, see Office 365 Plan Options.

  • The procedures in this topic require you to connect to Office 365 PowerShell. For instructions, see Connect to Office 365 PowerShell.

  • A PowerShell script is available that automates the procedures described in this topic. Specifically, the script allows you to view and disable services in your Office 365 organization, including Sway. For more information, see Disable access to Sway with Office 365 PowerShell.

To view summary information about your current licensing plans and the available licenses for each plan, run the following command in Office 365 PowerShell:


The results contain the following information:

  • AccountSkuId   Show the available licensing plans for your organization by using the syntax <CompanyName>:<LicensingPlan>. <CompanyName> is the value that you provided when you enrolled in Office 365, and is unique for your organization. The <LicensingPlan> value is the same for everyone. For example, in the value litwareinc:ENTERPRISEPACK, the company name is litwareinc, and the licensing plan name ENTERPRISEPACK, which is the system name for Office 365 Enterprise E3.

  • ActiveUnits   Number of licenses that you've purchases for a specific licensing plan.

  • WarningUnits   Number of licenses in a licensing plan that you haven't renewed, and that will expire after the 30-day grace period.

  • ConsumedUnits   Number of licenses that you've assigned to users from a specific licensing plan.

To view details about the Office 365 services that are available in all of your license plans, run the following command:

Get-MsolAccountSku | Select -ExpandProperty ServiceStatus

The following table shows the Office 365 service plans and their friendly names for the most common services. Your list of service plans might be different. For a complete list of service plans and their friendly names, contact Office Support.


Service plan Description




Mobile Device Management for Office 365




Azure Rights Management (RMS)


Office Professional Plus


Skype for Business Online


Office Online


SharePoint Online


Exchange Online Plan 2

To view details about the Office 365 services that are available in a specific licensing plan, use the following syntax.

(Get-MsolAccountSku | where {$_.AccountSkuId -eq '<AccountSkuId>'}).ServiceStatus

This example shows the Office 365 services that are available in the litwareinc:ENTERPRISEPACK (Office 365 Enterprise E3) licensing plan.

(Get-MsolAccountSku | where {$_.AccountSkuId -eq 'litwareinc:ENTERPRISEPACK'}).ServiceStatus


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