Selection list usage configuration key (ProdRecBasket) [AX 2012]

Updated: August 28, 2014

The Selection list usage configuration key controls access to the Selection list functions on the Action Pane in the list pages for planned orders and production orders. Use these functions to select orders and view them in a filtered list. A Selection list FactBox will also be displayed in the FactBox pane on the list page.

The following forms are available when the configuration key is enabled.


For more information

Planned orders

List pages


For more information

All production orders

List pages

Planned production orders

List pages

Delayed production orders

List pages

The following table provides information about how this configuration key relates to other configuration keys and license codes.



License code

Production I

Parent key

Production series I

Child keys


For more information about how license codes and configuration keys work together, see About license codes and configuration keys.

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