Set up loyalty cards (Retail essentials) [AX 2012]

Updated: November 24, 2014

This topic describes how to set up loyalty cards that entitle card holders to participate in your organization’s loyalty programs. Loyalty cards can be issued anonymously, or they can be assigned to a specific customer. If a loyalty card is assigned to a customer, the customer can redeem loyalty points from multiple associated loyalty cards, if the loyalty program allows for this. Loyalty cards can be issued from any retail store, and loyalty points can be redeemed in any retail store that participates in the loyalty programs that are assigned to the loyalty card.

  1. Click Retail essentials > Customers > Loyalty > Loyalty cards.

  2. In the Loyalty cards list, double-click a loyalty card, or, on the Action Pane, click Loyalty card to create a new loyalty card.

  3. In the Loyalty card form, on the Loyalty card FastTab, enter the following information.



    Card number

    Enter the loyalty card number. If number sequences are set up for loyalty cards, this number can be automatically generated.

    Card type

    Select one of the following options to specify how the loyalty card can be used:

    • As card tender – The card can earn or redeem points. Reward points that are used for payment must be earned by this card.

    • As contact tender – The card can earn or redeem points. The reward points that the customer uses for payment can be earned by any card that the customer is assigned to.

    • No tender – The card is a secondary card that can earn reward points but can’t redeem them.

    • Blocked – The card is blocked and can’t earn or redeem reward points.

    Customer name

    Select a customer to assign to the loyalty card. You don’t have to assign a customer to the card if the card is issued anonymously. If the loyalty card is issued as contact tender, a customer name is required.

    Replacement card number

    The number of the new loyalty card if a loyalty card was lost and a replacement card was issued.

  4. On the Loyalty programs FastTab, click Add line to add the loyalty programs that the loyalty card is eligible to participate in. For each loyalty program, specify a loyalty tier, if applicable. In the Start date field, enter the date when the customer began participating in the loyalty program. You can also enter an end date, if applicable.

  5. On the Reward point summary FastTab, view the accumulated rewards and reward points for the loyalty card, and the different statuses for the reward points.

    To view the posted transactions for the loyalty card, on the Action Pane, click Card transactions.

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