Solution: Insights for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM 2015

Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2015

Insights for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online helps you find more leads, win more deals, and grow and retain your accounts. Insights infuses your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online system with essential company and contact data, business insights and selling triggers, and exposure to your largest referral network. The information in Insights is constantly updated from 30,000 financial, media, and social sources and validated with data science technology to ensure you have the most accurate, validated, and complete data set.

Insights is included with all CRM Online Professional and Enterprise licenses in the U.S. and Canada at no additional charge.


Insights is not available for Basic or Essentials licenses.


The following steps apply to the January 30 release of Insights for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

  1. Sign in to with your Global administrator or CRM System Administrator credentials.

  2. Choose Admin > CRM

  3. On the Manage all CRM Online instances page, select the instance to add the solution.

  4. Choose Solutions.

    Pick the instance for the Insights solution


  5. Select the InsideView solution and choose Install.

    Pick the Insight solution and install

    Proceed through Terms of service to accept the terms.

The status for the Insights solution changes to Installation pending.

The Insight solution is installing


The status for the solution will change to Installed when the solution is ready.

The Insight solution is installed


To complete the installation, you need to enable OAuth. See Enabling OAuth Insights for Microsoft Dynamics CRM below.

OAuth Overview

Insights for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online leverages the OAuth protocol for authentication in place of the existing service account process. OAuth is an open framework for authorization that lets users provide access tokens instead of credentials to access their data that is hosted by a given service provider (such as CRM).

Enabling OAuth is easy and will be required to continue to access Insights, even if the service account was previously set up. On-premises and hosted deployments will not be impacted.

New and Existing Accounts

New accounts will first need to install Insights then enable OAuth to get access. See: Install the Insights solution above.

Existing accounts that have already installed Insights will need to enable OAuth to continue to access Insights even if they have previously set up the service account.

For both new and existing accounts, there will be instructions in the Insights window with a few easy steps to proceed.

A CRM System Administrator has the ability to enable OAuth via the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web client and grant access for themselves and for all users within the account. We recommend enabling OAuth via this option as it provides the most seamless and controlled experience for all users.

Instructions for CRM Administrators

  1. Open any Account, Lead, Contact or Opportunity record in CRM. This will load the Insights window.

  2. Choose Continue as Admin. This will grant access to the admin and to all the users in the organization.

    Choose Continue as Admin



    If an admin mistakenly selects the Continue as User button, access will be granted only for them. All other users will have to individually request access by choosing the Continue as User button. There is no way to prevent a CRM System Administrator (or end user) from selecting Continue as User. And there is no way to reset this if the admin mistakenly chooses Continue as User.

    However, if an end user mistakenly chooses the Continue as Admin button, they will see a Microsoft generated error message and be routed back to the previous page.

  3. Choose Accept. This will grant access to the Insights application for the admin and for all users in the account.

    Choose Accept


Access will be granted automatically in the background. When it’s done, the page will refresh and Insights will load in the CRM object window as shown below. This will be visible to the admin and all users in the organization.

Insights appears in CRM


End users will need to take steps to add Insights. Refer your end users to: PDF: Insights for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online User’s Guide

Enabling OAuth via Dynamics CRM for Outlook is done at the individual user level. There is no concept of an admin-level action that impacts all users in the account (unlike what is available when enabling OAuth via the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web client.)

All users including the CRM System Administrator will see a Login button and instructions. Both are required to choose Login to enable OAuth and access Insights.

Instructions for CRM Administrators and End Users

  1. Open any Account, Lead, Contact or Opportunity record in CRM. This will load the Insights window.

  2. Choose Login.

    Choose Login


  3. Enter your CRM Online account credentials and choose Sign in.

    Choose Sign in


  4. Choose OK. After successfully signing in, the user will see a grant access screen. Choosing OK will grant access for Insights as a normal user, on an individual basis as explained above.

    Choose OK


The grant access will happen automatically in the background. When done, the page will refresh and Insights will load from Dynamics CRM for Outlook.

Insights appears in CRM for Outlook


To ensure Insights loads properly in CRM Online, advise your users to add the following site to their browser as trusted:

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