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Office 365 Groups, available with Dynamics CRM Online, provides a new environment for collaboration with Microsoft Office 365 users who don’t use CRM. For example, use Office 365 Groups when a sales team has a major opportunity requiring input from several people who don’t have access to CRM. Office 365 Groups provides a single location to share documents, conversations, meetings, and notes. You can enable Office 365 Groups for any entity.

Use Office 365 Groups to collaborate with others

Collaborate with people inside and outside of your CRM organization.

Use Office 365 Groups to collaborate

Share information in multiple ways.

This feature requires that you have an Office 365 subscription or a subscription to an online service such as SharePoint Online or Exchange Online. For more information, see What is Office 365 and how does it relate to CRM Online?

Provision Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups is a CRM solution you provision from your Office 365 admin portal.

Users must have an Exchange Online mailbox set up to use Office 365 Groups. Exchange Online is already properly configured for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organizations as a part of Office 365. You also need to enable server-based SharePoint integration to see documents in an Office 365 Group; you don't have to use SharePoint integration, only set up the connection to SharePoint Online.

More information: Set up SharePoint integration

  1. Browse to the Office 365 admin center and sign in using Office 365 Global administrator credentials.

  2. Click Admin > CRM.

  3. Click the Instances tab.

  4. Choose your instance, and then click Solutions.

  5. Select Office 365 Groups and then click Install.

  6. Review the terms of service and then click Install.

Once installation of the solution has completed, you can configure Office 365 Groups.

When you install a solution, your CRM Online site is taken offline in maintenance mode for a short time. We recommend you install the solution when it’s least disruptive to users.

Check required privileges

The security privilege, ISV Extensions, is required to use Office 365 Groups. You can add or remove this privilege from custom or default security roles to meet your business needs. If a user doesn’t have this privilege, they won’t be able to see the Office 365 Groups item in a record’s navigation menu.

  1. Go to Settings > Security. (How do I get there?).

  2. Click Security Roles.

  3. Choose the security role to check and then click the Customization tab.

  4. In the Miscellaneous Privileges section, review the ISV Extensions privilege setting. If the security role doesn’t have the ISV Extensions privilege, select it to set it to Organization.

  5. Click Save and Close.

Configure Office 365 Groups

Once you provision Office 365 Groups, you can enable them for any entity. Security group membership is associated with the entity. You configure Office 365 Groups in CRM Online.

  1. In CRM Online, click Settings > Office 365 Groups.

  2. On the Office 365 Groups Settings page, click Add configuration and choose an entity from the drop-down list. Repeat this step for each entity you want to enable, including custom entities.

  3. Optionally, you can click Auto-create for an entity to have a new group automatically created when a new record for that entity is created. However, we recommend you choose this option only for entities that typically require large groups to collaborate.

  4. When you have added all the entities you want to enable for Office 365 Groups, click Publish All.

    All of your pending system customizations will be published, including those you may have saved but not published in another area.

Known issues

You need to have CRM Online version CRM Online 2015 Update 1 or later, to install Office 365 Groups. If Office 365 Groups appears as an available solution in the CRM Online Administration Center, but you receive the following error when trying to install: "Solution install failed. Please try again later. If the problem persists, contact customer support," you’ll need to update your instance of CRM Online before you can install Office 365 Groups.

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