Add a new organization


Updated: December 9, 2016

Applies To: Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016

You can add a new organization in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment in the Organizations node of Deployment Manager.

  • Not all versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 allow you to add multiple organizations.

  • To add an organization, you must be a member of the domain where Microsoft Dynamics 365 is installed. You cannot add an organization as a member of a child or a trusted domain.


The procedure described here can be implemented by using a Windows PowerShell cmdlet. For more information, see the New-CrmOrganization command in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM PowerShell Reference.

  1. In the Deployment Manager console tree, right-click Organizations, and then click New Organization to open the New Organization Wizard.

  2. On the Specify the Organization Settings page, enter the following information:

    • In the Display Name box, type the name of your organization.

    • In the Name box, keep the name that is automatically generated or type a unique name. The name is limited to 30 characters. Spaces and extended characters are not allowed.

    • Under ISO currency code, click Browse, select the ISO currency code for the base currency for the organization, and then click OK. You can change the currency's symbol, name, or precision.

    • In the Base Language list, select the base language for the organization. In Microsoft Dynamics 365, only the base language of the first organization is tied to the language of the server installation. All other organizations can have different base languages, but you must first install Microsoft Dynamics 365 Language Packs for the other language. For instructions about how to install Language Pack, see Microsoft Dynamics CRM Language Pack Installation Instructions.

    • In the SQL collation list, keep the default selection or select a different collation that the organization database will use to sort and compare data characters.

    • The default SQL collation changes based on the base language selection. For more information, see Collation and Unicode Support.

  3. Click Next.


    After the New Organization Wizard is finished, you cannot change the organization name, base ISO currency code, or SQL Server database collation.

  4. On the Help Us Improve the Customer Experience page, select whether you want users in the new organization to be able to participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program, and then click Next.

    For more information about the Customer Experience Improvement Program, see Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program.

  5. On the Select SQL Server page, type or select the computer that is running SQL Server that will be used for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 database, and then click Next.

  6. On the Specify Reporting Services Server page, type the report server URL. (Make sure you use the Microsoft SQL Report Server URL, not the Report Manager URL.) Then, click Next.

  7. The System Checks page validates your organization.

    Failed tests must be corrected before a new organization can be added. If necessary, cancel the New Organization Wizard, fix the problem, resolve all errors, and then start the New Organization Wizard again.

    If no errors, or only warnings, appear, click Next.

  8. Review the Ready to Create page, and then click Create.

  9. On the New Organization page, click Finish.

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