How to: Browse for Information by Subject

Many products that display Help in Microsoft Document Explorer provide a subject listing of select topics in their documentation that can be accessed using the How Do I command. How Do I pages contain a static list of categories, subcategories, and associated topics that are predefined by the product. Depending on the products you have installed, multiple How Do I pages might be available.

To browse for information by subject

  1. On the Help menu, choose How Do I.

  2. On the How Do I page, choose a main category or click on a subcategory.

  3. Choose an appropriate topic or select another subcategory to browse.

  4. Continue until you locate an appropriate topic.

For products that support How Do I pages, the How Do I page you initially use is selected, based on your current product settings. You can change How Do I pages at any time.


If none of the products you have installed provide a How Do I page, the How Do I drop-down list will not appear.

To change How Do I pages

  1. On the Standard toolbar, select the How Do I drop-down.

  2. Choose a product or technology from the list.

    The How Do I page is displayed.