Comparing the Primary Scripting Tasks

Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Scripting Guide

You have now seen the four primary categories of directory administration tasks (creating, reading, modifying, and deleting). The script examples demonstrate how simply and consistently you can complete these tasks using ADSI scripts. Figure 5.1 summarizes each major task category and the set of ADSI scripting steps involved in completing each task.

Figure 5.1 Comparison of Steps in Completing Primary ADSI Scripting Tasks


Figure 5: and the twelve scripts preceding it illustrate the following rules about ADSI scripting:
  1. Regardless of the task at hand, step 1 is connecting (binding) to an object or container.

  2. The Create method creates an Active Directory object.

  3. The Delete method deletes an Active Directory object.

  4. The Put method modifies or writes an Active Directory object's attributes.

  5. The Get method reads an Active Directory object's attributes.

  6. The SetInfo method commits new and modified objects to Active Directory.

  7. The parameters used with Create, Delete, Put, and Get are always the same.