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Converting VBScript's Sub Statement

Windows PowerShell

Definition: Declares the name, arguments, and code that form the body of a Sub procedure.


Windows PowerShell supports only functions, as opposed to functions and subroutines. You can define a function in Windows PowerShell by using the function statement followed by:

  • The name of the function.

  • The task to be performed by the function (enclosed in curly braces).

For example, the following command defines a function named MultiplyNumbers. This function will take two arguments ($args[0] and $args[1]) and then multiply those two values. Here’s the command:

function multiplynumbers { $args[0] * $args[1] }

From then on you can call the function simply by specifying the function name and the two values you want multiplied:

multiplynumbers 38 99

When you run the preceding command you should get back the following:


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