Managing User Accounts by Enumeration

Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Scripting Guide

Another way to manage multiple user accounts is to enumerate a containers contents by using the IADsContainer interface. Enumeration is the process of returning a list of objects in a container.

IADsContainer is a multipurpose interface that is used to complete a number of user account management tasks, such as:

  • Using the Create method of IADsContainer to create a user account (demonstrated in "Creating User Accounts" earlier in this chapter)

  • Using the MoveHere method to move and rename a user account (demonstrated in "Moving and Renaming User Accounts" earlier in this chapter).

  • Using the Delete method of IADsContainer to remove a user account (demonstrated in "Deleting User Accounts" earlier in this chapter.

Combining these methods and the methods of the IADs interface with the ability of the IADsContainer interface to enumerate a container allows you to manage multiple user accounts.