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Color Rules General Page, Map Dialog Boxes

Select General on the Color Rules Properties dialog box to define color options for map elements on this layer. Map elements include polygons, lines, and points. Color rules can be applied when you have created a relationship between map elements based on spatial data and analytical data from a dataset field or from a spatial data source field.

To display all map elements on a layer by specifying a decorative gradient with different primary and secondary colors, use the Fill page of the Map Polygon Properties Dialog Box, General. Color rules take precedence over display properties for a layer. For more information, see Customizing the Data and Display of a Map or Map Layer (Report Builder 3.0 and SSRS).

Apply template style

Select this option to use color based on the theme that was chosen in the wizard or set in the Polygon, Line, or Point layer properties. A theme sets default options for color, font, and borders for the map. For this option, no rule is applied to assign colors to each map element.

Visualize data by using color palette

Select this option to visualize analytical data by using colors from a specific color palette.

Visualize data by using color ranges

Select this option to visualize analytical data by using a range of colors for each map element. For example, when you specify Red as a start color, Yellow as a middle color, and Green as an end color, values in the low range are Red, values in the middle range are Yellow, and values in the top range are Green.

Visualize data by using custom colors

Select this option to visualize analytical data by specifying your own list of colors.

Data field

This option appears when you select one of the Visualize data options.

Select the analytical data field to use from the drop-down list. Depending on the source of spatial data, the list displays fields from the spatial data source and from a report dataset that has a relationship between the spatial data and analytical data. To create such a relationship, set the data options on the Analytical Data page for the selected map layer.


Type or select the name of the color palette.

Start color

Specify the color to use for data at the low end of the data range.

Middle color

Specify the color to use for data in the middle of the data range. Select No Color to remove this range.

End color

Specify the color to use for data at the high end of the data range.


Click Add to specify your own colors for the color rule.

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