Map Point Properties Dialog Box, General

SQL Server 2008 R2

Select General on the Map Point Properties dialog box to change label, tooltip, and marker type options for the following map elements:

For more information, see How to: Change Map Legends, Color Scale, and Associated Rules (Report Builder 3.0 and SSRS).

Label text

Type text or an expression that represents the label.


Select a value or type an expression that represents the placement of the labels.

  • Bottom   Display the labels at the bottom of the polygon shape.

  • Top   Display the labels at the top of the polygon shape.

  • Right   Display the labels right-justified relative to the polygon shape.

  • Left   Display the labels left-justified relative to the polygon shape.

  • Center   Display the labels at the center of the polygon shape.


Type a label or expression for the tooltip to be displayed when the mouse is hovered over a point.

Marker type

Select a marker type. By default, the marker type is Circle.

Marker size

Select a marker size. By default, the marker size is 10pt.

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