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Generate and Publish Scripts Wizard (Provider Configuration)

SQL Server 2008 R2

Use this dialog box to view or modify hostingprovidersettings. You can use this dialog box to do the following:

  • View, add, or edit connection information for a hosting provider.

  • View, add, edit, or delete a database for a provider connection.

  • Automatically configure databases for a hosting provider.

A hosting provider specifies the connection information for a Web service created by using the Database Publishing Service project in the SQL Server Hosting Toolkit on CodePlex. The service enables customers of the Web hoster to publish their database to the service by using the Generate and Publish Scripts Wizard. For more information, see the SQL Server Database Publishing Services download page.


Name for the hosting provider.

Web service address

HTTPS address for the hosting service.

Web service authentication

The user name and passwordrequired to log on to the hosting service.

Save password

Encrypt and save the password on your local computer.

Available databases

Databases that are configured for hosting providers are listed in ascending order in the format: server_name.database_name.


Open the Database configuration dialog box and add a new database.


Open the Database configuration dialog box for the selected database.


Delete the selected database.

Set as default

Select the database as the default.


Save all changes that you made in this dialog box and return to the wizard.


Undo all changes that you made in this dialog box and return to the wizard.

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