Connecting to a SQL Server Utility

Before you can connect to a SQL Server Utility, you must create a utility control point (UCP). For more information, see Overview of SQL Server Utility.

To view and manage SQL Server resource health, use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to connect to a SQL Server Utility.

To connect to a SQL Server Utility through SSMS:

  1. Launch SSMS.

  2. In SSMS, connect to an instance of SQL Server.

  3. Click View and then Utility Explorer.

  4. In the Utility Explorer navigation pane, click Connect to SQL Server Utility. Connect to Utility.

  5. In the Connect to Server dialog box, specify the UCP instance name, then click Connect.

  6. View the Utility Explorer Navigation Pane to see a tree view of SQL Server resources in the UCP.

Creating a new UCP also connects you to the SQL Server Utility. For more information, see How to: Create a SQL Server Utility Control Point (SQL Server Utility).

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