Planning and Architecture (Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode)

Use these topics to better understand Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services integration with SharePoint products and technologies, and plan how to implement this kind of Reporting Services environment in your organization. Because this kind of deployment relies on a Reporting Services report server, the information in this section is supplemented with links to topics in the Planning and Architecture (Reporting Services) section of SQL Server Books Online. Together, the general Reporting Services topics and these SharePoint integrated mode topics provide information to help you understand Reporting Services architecture and plan for an integrated deployment of Reporting Services with a SharePoint product or technology.

Small File Folder Icon General Reporting Services Feature Planning and Architecture

     Component Architecture

     Service Architecture (Reporting Services)

     Planning a Deployment Mode

     Planning for Services, Accounts, and Connections

     Planning for Content Publishing and Management Tools

     Planning for Report Authoring and Report Deployment

     Reporting Services Features

     Storing and Synchronizing Report Server Content With SharePoint Databases

Small File Folder Icon Planning for Report Server Integration with SharePoint Products and Technologies

     Planning for SharePoint Integration

     Planning a Deployment Mode

     Deployment Topologies for Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode

     Requirements for Running Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode

Small File Folder Icon Solution Design Considerations

     Solution Design Considerations for Network Topologies

     Considerations for Multi-Lingual Environments