Manage PowerPivot Data Feeds

A data feed provides a stream of data on demand from an online data source to a client application. In SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Services, you can use data feeds to add data from an Atom-aware Web service or application to a PowerPivot data source in an Excel workbook.

This section provides information to help you make best use of data feeds to get existing corporate or workgroup data into PowerPivot workbooks. It also provides information on how share data feeds with others in your organization, and how data feeds are constructed and used in case you need to troubleshoot any problems that arise.

This section contains the following topics:

Data Feeds Overview (PowerPivot for SharePoint)

Describes data feed concepts and diagrams the flow of requests and data. This information is helpful if you are creating a custom data service or troubleshooting a data feed problem.

How to: Create or Customize a Data Feed Library

This topic is for system or data administrators. It explains how to create a data feed library to make Atom data feeds available to information workers.

How to: Delete a Data Feed Library

Explains how to delete a library.

How to: Use Data Feeds (PowerPivot for SharePoint)

Describes several out-of-the-box solutions for using data feeds in PowerPivot workbooks. No programming required.

Find and Evaluate a Source for Data Feeds

Explains the characteristics of data services and the data feed format that is used to import XML data into a PowerPivot workspace.

How to: Share Data Feeds Using a Data Feed Library

Explains how to create a data service document in a data feed library.

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