Map Meridian Properties Dialog Box, Labels

Use the Map Meridian Properties dialog box to change label options for the vertical grid in the map viewport. A meridian represents the following value depending on the specified coordinate system for the viewport:

  • Planar. The Y coordinate.

  • Geographic. The longitude for the current projection.

Click the Expression (fx) button to edit an expression that sets the value of the option.


Type an integer value in degrees that specifies the interval between meridians. By default, Auto is selected. Auto indicates that value is automatically determined by spatial data.

Show labels

Select this option to display labels for the meridians.


Select a location to display the labels relative to the top, center, and bottom of the viewport. The default placement is Near.

  • Near   Display labels at the left edge.

  • One Quarter   Display labels half way between the left edge and the center.

  • Center   Display labels at the center.

  • Three Quarters   Display labels half way between the center and the right edge.

  • Far   Display labels at the right edge.