Map Layer Data Properties Dialog Box, General

Select General on the Map Layer Properties dialog box to change options for a layer. Options vary depending on the type of spatial data source that you select.

Layer name

The name of the layer in the report. By default, a general name is assigned, based on the spatial data type for the layer, such as PolygonLayer1, LineLayer1, or PointLayer1.

Use spatial data from

Select a source for spatial data.

  • Data embedded in the report   Choose this option to use spatial data from the report definition.

  • Link to ESRI shapefile (.shp)   Choose this option to specify a link to an ESRI shapefile. To display spatial data on the design surface, the corresponding .dbf must be in the same location as the .shp file. If the location is not on the report server, the spatial data is automatically embedded in the report.

  • Spatial field in a dataset   Choose this option to use a Transact-SQL query that specifies SQL Server spatial data from a SQL Server database.

Spatial data options

Use this section to view existing spatial data fields in the report or to browse to a report or ESRI file to import spatial data into the report.

Import spatial data from file

Click Browse to specify a report (.rdl) or ESRI shapefile (.shp) from which to import spatial and related data into the report definition.

Spatial field

Use this list to add, delete, or change the order of fields in the report definition.


Add a field to the report.


Delete a field in the report.

Up arrow
  • Move the selected field higher in the list.

Down arrow

Move the selected field lower in the list.

Field name

Type the name of a field. This value is filled in for you when the spatial data is imported into the report.

Field type

Type the data type of the field. This value is filled in for you when the spatial data is imported into the report.

File name

Type the name of the ESRI shapefile (.shp) that contains spatial data.


Specify an ESRI shapefile on the file system or on the report server.

Dataset name

Type the name of a report dataset that contains a field that contains map elements and fields that contain analytical data.

Spatial field name

Type the name of the field that contains spatial data.

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