Map Color Scale Properties Dialog Box, Labels

Select Labels on the Map Color Scale Properties dialog box to define options that control the frequency and location of labels for the divisions of a color scale. The color scale displays a range of colors in a color bar that is divided into sections. Click the Expression (fx) button to change an expression that sets the value of the option.


Select a display mode for the labels.

  • Auto   Automatically determine the best fit to display labels for each color.

  • Show middle value   Display labels in the middle of each color section.

  • Show border value   Display labels on the border between color section.


Select a location to display the labels relative to the color bar. The default placement is Near.

  • Alternate   Alternate between displaying a label above and below the color bar.

  • Top   Display labels above the color bar.

  • Bottom   Display labels below the color bar.


Type an integer that controls how frequently labels appear. By default, the value is determined from the data and the value is Auto. To display every color value, type 1.

Hide end labels

Select this option to hide the first and last label.

Tick mark length

Type a value that controls how far the tick mark extends above and below the color scale border.

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