Map Marker Type Rules Dialog Box, General

Select General on the Map Marker Type Rules Properties dialog box to specify rules that control marker type. These options apply to all markers on the layer and override options set on the Map Point Properties Dialog Box, General page.

To override the marker type for a specific embedded point, use options on the Embedded Marker Page, Map Dialog Boxes page.

Use default marker type

Select this option to specify a marker type.

Visualize data by using markers

Select this option to vary marker type based on analytical data.

Data field

Type a field or expression that represents the analytical data.


Use this section to add, delete, or change the order of marker types.


Add a marker type.


Delete a marker type.

Up arrow

Move the selected marker type higher in the list.

Down arrow

Move the selected marker type lower in the list.


Type a marker name or expression that represents the marker type.

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