Windows 7 End User Experience Reduces Support Costs

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Published: June 2009

At Microsoft, the deployment of Windows 7 led to an improved end user support experience, resulting in decreased Helpdesk costs. New diagnostic features, improved software and hardware compatibility, and an investment in self service support content supported an accelerated adoption rate.


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With over 100,000 internal downloads and a high level of user satisfaction, Windows 7 brings a new and improved client experience. The deployment within Microsoft has reduced incidents of operating system support by 42%. Microsoft IT incorporated key support strategies for the Windows 7 deployment. They include the use of an action center, which allows users to resolve issues as they occur, rather than call the Helpdesk. Other strategies include the reduction of support costs due to incident avoidance and decreased call duration, and operating system compatibility with third party software and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) devices.

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