Performance Tuning and Optimization in Time-Critical Networks


Microsoft Corporation

January 2004

Applies to:
Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2002

Summary: This book discusses how the Microsoft EBizX Design Wins team and Microsoft Consulting Services used Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002 and Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 to implement an optimized payment system for a fictitious bank. The Payment System Solution was developed to help the local bank meet requirements stipulated by a central banking authority. In this book we discuss the Payment System Solution in detail, and also present a simplified sample application—the Sample Payment System—that you can run to see how the payment system operates.

This book:

  • Details the development, deployment, and performance testing of the Payment System Solution.
  • Discusses the basic concepts behind the application design.
  • Examines the application architecture in depth, highlighting specific optimizations and discussing how the design was tuned for performance.
  • Analyzes the application code, showing you step-by-step how to use code generation classes and implement virtual methods, taking full advantage of object-oriented programming.
  • Discusses deployment topologies, including lessons learned and principles that you can apply to your own enterprise projects.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Setting up the Sample Payment System

Chapter 2. Investigating and Understanding the Payment System Solution

Chapter 3. Examining and Detailing the Payment System Solution

Chapter 4. Brief Planner's Guide

Chapter 5. Developer's Guide to the Payment System Solution

Chapter 6. Ready for Rollout

Chapter 7. Testing Methodologies, Topologies, and Metrics

Chapter 8. Lessons Learned

Appendix A. Sample Payment System: Configuring BizTalk Server

Appendix B. Sample Payment System: E-Business Foundation Layer Code

Appendix C. Sample Payment System: Application Layer Code


Download a copy of this document (3,372 KB).

Download a copy of the sample code (1,998 KB).

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