Integrating Applications That Require a Persistent Client Connection


Microsoft Corporation

November 2003

Applies to:
Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2002

Summary: This book describes best practices for using Microsoft BizTalk Server to integrate applications that require a persistent client connection to them. It is written for advanced application integrators and for advanced developers responsible for integrating BizTalk Server with session-based applications within an enterprise. The sample included with this book demonstrates how a persistent TCP/IP connection can be maintained to a host server across multiple calls to an application integration component (AIC). The sample was developed using the Microsoft .NET Framework. In particular, the book and its sample code take a look at developing a communication manager using two separate approaches:

  • COM+ object pooling
  • Custom pooling

Both the COM+ object pooling approach and the custom pooling approaches will show you how to build a communication manager that:

  • Establishes a connection
  • Persists the connection
  • Multiplexes the connection
  • Limits the number of connections
  • Manages the lifetime of the connection

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Setup

Chapter 2. Problem Summary

Chapter 3. Solution Approaches

Appendix A. For More Information


Download a copy of this document (1,487 KB).

Download a copy of the sample code (683 KB).

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