Planning EAI and B2B Solutions for Business


Microsoft Corporation

November 2003

Applies to:
Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2002

Summary: This book describes some best practices for planning an enterprise application integration (EAI) or business-to-business (B2B) project using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002. The processes and techniques described in this book are suitable for guiding a project from conception to planning to execution and then to delivery. In particular, it describes how to use the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), which provides proven practices for planning, building, and deploying successful EAI and B2B integration projects with BizTalk Server.

Included with the download of this online book is an Excel spreadsheet that contains a sample costing model. You can use this model as a training tool for developing your own costing models as described in the appendix.

This book:

  • Describes the five phases of the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) and how to apply them to a BizTalk Server project.
  • Provides best practices for developing and deploying BizTalk Server.
  • Explains some core concepts of creating a project costing model.
  • Provides a sample project costing model.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Process Framework

Chapter 2. Envisioning Phase

Chapter 3. Planning Phase

Chapter 4. Developing Phase

Chapter 5. Stabilizing Phase

Chapter 6. Deploying Phase

Chapter 7. BizTalk Server Best Practices

Chapter 8. Final Thoughts

Appendix. Costing Model


Download a copy of this document (1,739 KB).

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