Installing the Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Gateway


Applies to: Forefront Protection for Exchange

Topic Last Modified: 2010-07-14

The Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Gateway (FOPE Gateway) can be installed during the initial Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server installation by following the install wizard when asked if you would like to install the FOPE Gateway.

If you do not install the FOPE Gateway during the FPE install, you can install it manually at a later time. The FOPE Gateway can be installed on a server where FPE is installed and running or it may be installed on a separate server.

To install the FOPE Gateway
  1. On the server where you would like to install the FOPE Gateway, either download the Forefrontonline_setup.exe from the Microsoft Download Site and run it by double clicking the file or insert the DVD into the server CD/DVD drive and run Forefrontonline_setup.exe by double clicking the file.

  2. Follow the steps in the install wizard.

The program install folder and data folder should not be created in the same location.

The FOPE Gateway can also be installed silently via command line. The FOPE Gateway command line process is completely separate from FPE, and should be executed after the FPE silent install is complete.

To perform a silent install of the FOPE Gateway
  1. Extract the ForefrontExchangeSetup.exe file:

    forefrontexchangesetup.exe /x:extractpath

  2. Locate the executable "ForefrontOnline_setup.exe" and copy it to a different folder.

    It is critical you move this file to a separate folder and extract to a separate folder, because the FOPE Gateway installer and FPE installer have overlying files.
  3. Extract the file "ForefrontOnline_setup.exe" file:

    forefrontonline_setup.exe /x:extractpath

    For example, to extract to the folder C:\ForefrontOnlineSetupforefrontonline_setup.exe /x c:\forefrontonlinesetup

  4. Edit the file "Answerfile.xml" and save it.

    You must change the first three true/false fields to “True”. Modify any other fields such as data folder path. You cannot install the FOPE Gateway into the same folders as the FPE data path. It is recommended you accept the defaults.
  5. From a command prompt, execute the following:

    forefrontonlinesetup.exe /p /a c:\forefrontonlinesetup\answerfile.xml

    Use /p for progress bar only, /q for silent

After you have installed the FOPE Gateway, you will need to enable the gateway by selecting the Enable Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Gateway Management check box and entering the server name and credentials in the Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Gateway Management area of the Online Protection – Configure pane of the FPE Administrator Console. This will ensure that FPE can communicate with the gateway.