Invalid XML Response Unable to Retrieve Availability or OOF Settings


Topic Last Modified: 2009-08-18

The Microsoft Exchange Analyzer tool sends GetUserOofSettings and GetUserAvailability XML/HTTP requests to the Exchange Web Services service using the Exchange Web Services API to test operations used by Exchange clients and custom applications. When invalid XML is returned in the response, the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool generates the following error.

"Invalid XML response, unable to retrieve Availability or OOF Settings."

The Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool uses the GetUserOofSettings Operation and GetUserAvailability Operation to retrieve a user’s OOF settings and scheduled availability in the calendar respectively. These operations are used by clients such as Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 as well as custom applications.

To correct this error, see "Outlook 2007 crashes or you cannot access OOF settings after you install a package that contains the .NET Framework 3.5 with SP1 and the .NET Framework 2.0 with SP2 on an Exchange 2007 Client Access server" (

The Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a new tool with limited documentation at this time. In an effort to improve the documentation for each of the errors you might receive, we would like to solicit additional information from the community. Please use the Community Content section below to post additional reasons why you failed at this point.  If you need technical assistance, please create a post in the appropriate Exchange TechNet forum or contact support.


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