Troubleshoot Report Parts (Report Builder and SSRS)


These tips can help when working with report parts.

There can be multiple instances of a single report part on a report server or SharePoint site integrated with a report server, and all instances will have the same globally unique identifier (GUID). Only the most recent instance is displayed in the list of search results. In some situations, different instances of a single report part can have different permissions. If your co-worker and you have different permissions on the server, you will not see the same instance. For example, say that multiple copies of a report part, all with the same GUID, are saved in different folders on a report server in SharePoint integrated mode. If the folders have different permissions, then the report parts in those folders will also have different permissions.

To see what permissions you and your co-worker have, ask your report server administrator.

Report Parts that you have manually uploaded to a SharePoint document library, instead of published by using Report Builder, might not appear in the Report Part Gallery. The report server used for the gallery search might need to be synchronized with the contents of the SharePoint document library. For more information, see Activate the Report Server File Sync Feature in SharePoint Central Administration in SQL Server Books Online on

If you publish a report part that is a link to an image file, the report part is really just a link. If others cannot see the image when they add the image report part to their reports, they might not have permissions for the image that you are linking to.

There are a few possible solutions to this:

  • Make the image file a report part, instead of making the link to the image file the report part.

  • Move the image file to a location for which others have permissions.

  • Ask the report server administrator to change permissions.

If report items have a circular reference, you won't be able to publish them as report parts. For example, a report item points to a dataset, which in turn points to a parameter. The parameter, in turn, points to the dataset¸ too. You'll need to delete one of the references first before you can publish the report part.

Report Parts (Report Builder and SSRS)