Returns a table that contains a column of dates shifted one year back in time from the dates in the specified dates column, in the current context.



datesA column containing dates.

A single-column table of date values.

The dates argument can be any of the following:

  • A reference to a date/time column,

  • A table expression that returns a single column of date/time values,

  • A Boolean expression that defines a single-column table of date/time values.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

Constraints on Boolean expressions are described in the topic, CALCULATE Function (DAX).

The dates returned are the same as the dates returned by this equivalent formula:

DATEADD(dates, -1, year)

This DAX function is not supported for use in DirectQuery mode. For more information about limitations in DirectQuery models, see

The following sample formula creates a measure that calculates the previous year sales of the Reseller sales.

To see how this works, create a PivotTable and add the fields, CalendarYear to the Row Labels area of the PivotTable. Then add a measure, named Previous Year Sales, using the formula defined in the code section, to the Values area of the PivotTable.

=CALCULATE(SUM(ResellerSales_USD[SalesAmount_USD]), SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR(DateTime[DateKey]))  

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