Roll out Office 2013


Applies to: Office 2013, Office 365 ProPlus

Topic Last Modified: 2015-03-09

Summary  Find articles about architecture, deployment scenarios, step-by-step installation instructions, and methods of rolling out Office 2013.

Audience: IT Professionals

Office 2013 logoThe following table lists and describes articles that will help you deploy Office 2013.

Articles about rolling out Office 2013

Article Description

Deployment methods for Office 2013

Provides an overview of different methods of deploying Office 2013, such as Group Policy, network share, and virtualization technologies.

Deploy Office 2013 from a local installation source

Provides information about how to install Office 2013 from the local installation source

Deploy Office 2013 from a network installation point

Provides information about how to use a network share as a network installation point from which to deploy Office 2013.

Deploy Office 2013 by using Group Policy computer startup scripts

Provides information about how to use Group Policy and a computer startup script to install Office 2013.