Updated: December 8, 2009

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007 R2

The following reports are included in this management pack. Allow up to 30 minutes for reports from a new management pack to appear in the Reporting console.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 Operating System Reports

Report Name

Report ID



Disk Performance Analysis

Microsoft.Linux.SLES.10. DiskPerformanceAnalysis.Report

Logical Disk Bytes per Second

Logical Disk Reads per Second

Logical Disk Writes per Second

Logical Disk Transfers per Second

Average Logical Disk Reads per Second

Operating System Configuration

Microsoft.Linux.SLES.10. OperatingSystemConfiguration.Report

Operating System Version and Display Name

Operating System Performance

Microsoft.Linux.SLES.10. OperatingSystemPerformance.Report

Total Percent Processor Time

Total Percent I/O Wait Time

Memory Available Megabytes

Memory Pages/Second

Total Percent Logical Disk Free Space

Logical Disk Reads per Second

Logical Disk Writes per Second

Operating System Storage Configuration

Microsoft.Linux.SLES.10. OperatingSystemStorageConfiguration.Report

Device Name

File System

Device Description

Size (Bytes)

Performance History

Microsoft.Linux.SLES.10. PerformanceHistory.Report

Percentage of Total Processor Time

Memory Performance History (Available MB)

Microsoft.Linux.SLES.10. PerformanceHistoryMemory.AvailableMB.Report

Available Megabytes of Memory

Memory Performance History (Page Reads per Sec)

Microsoft.Linux.SLES.10. PerformanceHistoryMemory.PageReadsPerSec.Report

Page Reads per Second

Memory Performance History (Pages per Sec

Microsoft.Linux.SLES.10. PerformanceHistoryMemory.PagesPerSec.Report

Pages per Second

Memory Performance History (Page Writes per Sec)

Microsoft.Linux.SLES.10. PerformanceHistoryMemory.PageWritesPerSec.Report

Page Writes per Second

Performance History (Percent Processor Time)

Microsoft.Linux.SLES.10. PerformanceHistoryPercentProcessorTime.Report

Percent of Utilized Processor Time

Total Percent IO Wait Time (Percentage Usage)

Microsoft.Linux.SLES.10. PerformanceHistoryTotalPercentIOWaitTime.Report

Total Percent I/O Wait Time