Monitoring and Reporting in SharePoint Server


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2016

Topic Last Modified: 2018-03-12

Summary: Read articles about SharePoint monitoring, configuring SharePoint monitoring properties, viewing SharePoint logs and reports, and troubleshooting SharePoint problems.

The monitoring features in SharePoint Server 2016 help you understand how SharePoint Server 2016 is running, analyze and repair problems, and view metrics for the sites.

The following articles about how to monitor SharePoint Server 2016 are available to view online. Writers update articles on a continuing basis as new information becomes available and as users provide feedback.


Content Description

Overview of monitoring in SharePoint Server

Learn about configuring monitoring, viewing SharePoint reports and logs, and using SharePoint Health Analyzer rules.

Configure monitoring in SharePoint Server 2016

Provides links to articles about SharePoint diagnostic logging, SharePoint Health Analyzer timer jobs and rules, and usage and health data.

View reports and logs in SharePoint Server 2016

Get links to articles about how to view SharePoint reports, timer job status, cache performance, and the SharePoint logging database.

Solving problems and troubleshooting in SharePoint Server

Read how to use SharePoint Health Analyzer to view alerts, or use Invoke-AlertFixup to update alerts when a web application's URL changes.

Scripted monitoring configuration in SharePoint Server

Read articles about scripted monitoring configuration for SharePoint Server 2016 to apply monitoring settings across an entire environment.

Monitoring scenarios in SharePoint 2013

Learn about monitoring scenarios in SharePoint 2016 and tools that help to maintain a reliable environment.