Prepare the network for Groove Server Relay

Groove Server 2010

Applies to: Groove Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2011-08-05

This article provides information and procedures about how to prepare network port settings to support Groove Server Relay communications.

In this article:

  1. Before you begin

  2. Prepare the network for Groove Server Relay

Before you start this procedure, configure the platform for Groove Server Relay, as described in Configure the platform for Groove Server Relay.

Groove Server 2010 Relay installs with Windows Firewall On and exceptions enabled to support successful operation. Verify these settings and follow the guidelines in this article to facilitate Relay installation and setup.

To prepare the network for Groove Server Relay
  1. Address the requirements in Before you begin.

  2. Confirm that relay server port settings comply with the specifications in Plan port configurations for Groove Server. To access these settings, open the Windows Firewall Control Panel item, click the Change Settings button, and then click Exceptions.

  3. Choose a Domain Name Service (DNS) host name for each installed relay and report it to your DNS administrator so that it can be registered with DNS.

    For more information about domain names, see National Telecommunications Information Association Domain Name Service (DNS) (, Domain Name System (, and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). (

  4. Get a static Internet Protocol (IP) address for the server from the DNS administrator.

    We do not recommend using an unreserved Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) assigned address for this server.
  5. Ensure that port 2492/TCP is open for incoming and outgoing traffic, to support client-to-relay server access and required relay-to-relay communications.

  6. Ensure that ports 443/TCP and 80/TCP are open for incoming traffic, to support client-to-relay server communications.

  7. Set up any routes necessary to allow Groove Server Relay to be available to internal and external users, or only to internal users if you will not be supporting external users.

    We do not recommend restricting Groove Server Relay to internal access because this configuration prevents Internet-based users from communicating with SharePoint Workspace users within your intranet.