Sample Applications

To help you get started with Microsoft Surface, there are a variety of sample applications available for Microsoft Surface units:

  • Microsoft Surface SDK sample applications

    The Microsoft Surface SDK includes sample code for a variety of applications that can help you start developing your own application. To learn more about these application, see the Microsoft Surface SDK Help documentation.

  • Sample applications for demonstrations

    These sample applications are provided "as-is" for demonstrations, and they include basic setup and demonstration information to help you show how Microsoft Surface can benefit specific industries. These sample applications include:

    • Financial Services sample application: Shows how a Microsoft Surface application can create an engaging, collaborative experience for businesses in the financial services industry. To learn more about this new sample application, see Financial Services Sample Application.

    • Games Pack sample applications: Includes Chess, Checkers, Tiles, and Ribbons to help deliver engaging, entertaining, and memorable experiences for customers in the hospitality and entertainment industries. To learn more about this new sample application, see Games Pack Sample Applications.

    • Mobile Connect sample application: Connects a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone to a Microsoft Surface unit to enable users to interact with data and contacts on their phone. To learn more about this new sample application, see Mobile Connect Sample Application.

    • Newsreader sample application: Enables Microsoft Surface customers to get started immediately with streaming content from, including news, sports, entertainment, and more. To learn about this sample application, see Newsreader Sample Application.

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