What type of power cord should I use with a Surface unit?

As with many other electrical devices, failure to take the following precautions can cause serious injury or death from electric shock or fire, or damage to the Microsoft Surface unit.

Selecting an Appropriate Power Source

To select an appropriate power source for your Microsoft Surface unit, do the following:

  • Use only the AC power cord that came with your unit or one that you received from an authorized repair center. If you need a replacement AC power cord, contact Microsoft Surface Support.

  • The AC power cord must be connected to an electrical outlet that is located nearby the equipment, within reach of the power cord. The outlet must be easy to access. The power cord must not be placed in an area where it could become a trip hazard or be exposed to possible damage.

  • Confirm that your electrical outlet provides the type of power indicated on the unit (in terms of voltage [V] and frequency [Hz]). If you are not sure of the type of power supplied to your home or venue, contact a qualified electrician.

  • Do not use non-standard power sources, such as generators or inverters, even if the voltage and frequency appear acceptable. Only use AC power provided by a standard wall outlet.

  • Do not overload your AC wall outlet, extension cord, power strip, or other electrical receptacle. Confirm that they are rated to handle the total current (in amps [A]) drawn by the Surface unit (indicated on the product label) and any other units that are on the same circuit.

When a Microsoft Surface unit starts, the in-rush current can be as high as 80 amperes (A) for 3 cycles (60 milliseconds). You should select accessory power strips and extension cords that are rated high enough to handle this power flow.

To avoid damaging the AC power cord:

  1. Protect the power cord from being walked on.

  2. Protect cords from being pinched or sharply bent, especially where they connect to the power outlet and the Microsoft Surface unit.

  3. Do not jerk, knot, sharply bend, or otherwise abuse the power cords.

  4. Do not expose power cords to sources of heat.

  5. If the power cord becomes damaged in any way, stop using it and contact Microsoft Surface Support for replacement.

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