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Converting the FileSystemObject's Line Property

Windows PowerShell

Definition: When reading through a file one line at a time, this property returns the line number of the current line.


When you use the Get-Content cmdlet to read the contents of a text file in PowerShell, each line of the file is returned as an array item. You can access individual lines by accessing the appropriate index number of that line.

This example reads the text file C:\Scripts\test.txt. The text file will be stored as an array in the variable $a, one line of the text file in each array item. We then loop through the array, from the beginning (array item 0) to the end (array item $a.Length, the length of the array), displaying each line as we go along with the line number of that line. The current line is the array index plus 1 (because arrays start at 0).

$a = get-content c:\scripts\test.txt
for ($i = 0; $i -lt $a.length; $i++)
    "Line is " + ($i + 1)

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