Enable or disable personal and social features for users or groups in SharePoint Server 2013

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Applies to: SharePoint Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2013-12-18

Summary: Learn how to configure user permissions for personal and social features in SharePoint Server 2013.

Farm Administrators or service administrators of a User Profile service application control who can create My Sites, and use personal and social features. For example, you might want a subset of users in an organization to be able to create My Sites, so you enable the Create Personal Site permission for those users. For more information, see Overview of the User Profile service application in SharePoint Server 2013.

Before you decide which permission to grant users or groups of users, first review the permission descriptions and how the combination of these permissions affects the My Site user experience. For more information, see Plan users and user permissions in Plan for My Sites in SharePoint Server 2013.

Before you perform this procedure, confirm the following:

Use this procedure to configure the user permissions for personal and social features.

To enable users or groups to use personal and social features
  1. Verify that you have the following administrative credentials:

  2. In Central Administration, in the Application Management section, click Manage service applications.

  3. In the list of service applications, click User Profile Service Application.

  4. On the Manage Profile Service: User Profile Service Application page, in the People group, click Manage User Permissions.

  5. On the Permissions for User Profile Service Application page, type or select a user or group account, and then click Add.

  6. In the Permissions for box, check the feature or features that you want the user or group to be able to use, and then click OK.