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Understanding the Progress and Progress Message Job Properties

Updated: August 2, 2010

Applies To: Windows HPC Server 2008 R2

The following table describes the Progress and Progress Message job properties:


Property Description Default Value


  • The percentage of the job that is complete

  • Integer between 0-100

Set and maintained by the HPC Job Scheduler service based on the number of tasks that have completed for that job.

Progress Message

  • A custom job status message that can be set by an application

  • String up to 80 characters


By default, the HPC Job Scheduler service sets and maintains the value for the Progress property. The service does not continue to update Progress for a job if you provide a value for the Progress property through the command line interface, HPC PowerShell™, or the APIs.

To set the Progress and Progress Message properties in a batch (.bat) file, an HPC PowerShell script (.ps1), or in an application, you can use the %CCP_JOBID% environment variable to get the job ID of the current job.

  • In a .bat file, use the job modify command, for example:

    Job modify %CCP_JOBID% /progress:50 /progressmsg:”Hello”

  • In a .ps1 file, use the Set-HpcJob cmdlet, for example:

    set-HpcJob –id %CCP_JOBID% -progress 50 –progressmessage ”Hello”

For an example of how to set job progress through the APIs, see Steps: Setting Progress Information from an Application later in this guide.

Values for the Progress and Progress Message properties can be set for jobs that are in the following states:

  • Configuring

  • Queued

  • Running

  • Canceled

  • Failed

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