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Commerce Server Systems

Commerce Server 2002

At a high level, Commerce Server 2002 is comprised of five integrated systems:

Each of these systems can be easily customized by a site developer to meet your business needs.

Business managers use Commerce Server Business Desk to work with the Commerce Server systems, for example, to update catalogs, target content to users, profile users and organizations, and analyze site usage and productivity. System administrators use Commerce Server Manager to configure the system resources and manage the applications, databases, and Web servers.

Commerce Server systems, Business Desk, Commerce Server Manager, and the Commerce Server databases are preconfigured and packaged in the Solution Sites, which site developers can use as a starting point for building a custom site and integrating third-party applications.

The following figure provides an overview of the Commerce Server systems wrapped in the Solution Sites, together with Business Desk, Commerce Server Manager, and the Commerce Server databases.

A figure providing an overview of Commerce Server.

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