Operations Manager 2007 R2 Connectors Troubleshooting Guide

Published: January 8, 2010

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007 R2

When you install and use System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Connectors, you might encounter errors in one of the deployment or configuration steps. This document addresses some possible errors and provides procedures to correct or work around the errors and their underlying problems.

The following sections provide detailed information about specific problem areas, causes, and resolutions.

In This Section

Installation and Configuration
Lists the steps to follow before you begin to solve specific problems.

Tools to Use for Troubleshooting Connectors
Describes specific tools that enable, locate, and use trace logs.

Using Windows Remote Management to Troubleshoot Connectors
Describes installing and configuring Web Services for Management (WS-Management) and summarizes useful Windows Remote Management (WinRM) commands that can assist you in troubleshooting connectors.

Describes errors you might encounter with certificates.

HP Operations Manager
Describes errors that might be generated specifically from the HP OVO Operations Manager Enterprise Management System (EMS).

Access Problems
Describes errors that might occur when you attempt to access connectors and processes for recovering from the errors.

IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC)
Describes errors specific to the IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console EMS Connector.

BMC Remedy ARS
Describes errors specific to the BMC Remedy ARS EMS Connector.

Universal Connector
Describes errors specific to the Microsoft Universal Connector.