Debugging Tools

Commerce Server 2000

One of the primary tools used to develop Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 was Microsoft Visual Studio, including Microsoft Visual InterDev, Microsoft Visual C++, and Microsoft Visual Basic. It is the recommend integrated development environment for working with Commerce Server.

The following tools may also prove useful when debugging Commerce Server:

  • Microsoft Script Debugger. Search MSDN for the title "Microsoft Script Debugger for Internet Explorer" (exact phrase search criteria).

  • IIS Exception Monitor. Search MSDN for the title "Troubleshooting with Exception Monitor" (exact phrase search criteria).

  • User Mode Process Dump. This tool is included in the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support tools. Search MSDN for "OEM Support Tools" (exact phrase search criteria).

  • WinDbg. The WinDbg files are installed when you install the developer tools included with the Platform Software Development Kit (SDK). For information on using WinDbg, see the help file windbg.hlp, which is included with WinDbg.

  • System Monitor, Performance Logs and Alerts, Event Viewer. These three Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins are included, by default, in the Commerce Server Manager MMC console. You may find them useful for debugging and performance tuning your Web site.

When debugging pipelines, you should consider turning on logging for pipeline execution to help see where failures occur.

The Order sitelet in the Commerce Server 2000 SDK includes the script file DumpOrder.vbs (in the source\pipeline sub-folder) that is designed to be used with the Scriptor pipeline component. It can be used to dump the contents of an OrderForm object at arbitrary points in the execution of the Order Processing pipeline (OPP). For more information, see the instructions at the beginning of the file DumpOrder.vbs.

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