Excel Services cmdlets (SharePoint Server 2010)


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise

Topic Last Modified: 2011-09-24

Excel Services Application is a service application in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 that you can use to share, secure, and manage Microsoft Excel 2010 workbooks (.xlsx, .xlsb, and .xlsm extensions) as interactive reports in a consistent way throughout the enterprise.

All Excel Services Application settings will support backup and recovery regardless of whether there is a UI setting in the Central Administration Web site. This means that all global settings, trusted locations, user-defined-functions, data connection libraries, and trusted data provider settings will support backup and recovery. However, the following items will not be backed up as part of the backup and recovery process:

  • User-defined function assemblies. These assemblies will not be backed up or restored because they are binary files and not simply settings; however, the data in the list of trusted user-defined functions is backed up.

  • Trusted data provider binaries. The full list of trusted data providers and all associated properties, however, are backed up.

  • Any Excel Web Access (EWA) Web Part properties.

  • Office data connection (.odc extension) files and workbook files.

URLs of any kind (that is, URLs to trusted locations, user-defined functions, or data connection libraries) must be manually fixed after a restore operation because they might no longer be valid.

In addition to using Windows PowerShell for Excel Services Application backup and recovery functionality, you can use Windows PowerShell to provision the service application from scratch or provision a new instance that uses settings from a previous backup, and manage and configure trusted file locations, data providers, data connection libraries, and settings for user-defined function assemblies. You can also change global settings for Excel Services Application.


Cmdlet Name



Returns a file type or list of file types that are prevented from being loaded.


Returns a trusted data connection library or a list of trusted data connection libraries.


Returns a safe data provider or a list of safe data providers.


Returns a trusted file location or a list of trusted file locations.


Returns an SPExcelServiceApplication object.


Returns a user-defined function or a collection of user-defined functions.


Adds a file type to the list of file types that Excel Services Application prevents from being loaded.


Adds a new data connection library to Excel Services Application.


Adds a new safe data provider to Excel Services Application.


Adds a new trusted location to Excel Services Application.


Creates a new instance of Excel Services Application.


Adds a new user-defined function to Excel Services Application.


Removes an entry from the list of file types that are prevented from being loaded on Excel Services Application.


Removes a data connection library from Excel Services Application.


Removes a data provider from Excel Services Application.


Removes a trusted file location from Excel Services Application.


Removes a user-defined function from Excel Services Application.


Sets properties of a data connection library for Excel Services Application.


Sets properties of a safe data provider for Excel Services Application.


Sets properties of a trusted file location for Excel Services Application.


Sets global properties for Excel Services Application.


Sets properties of a user-defined function in Excel Services Application.