Cannot retrieve end point - Event 8070 (SharePoint 2010 Products)

SharePoint 2010

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2009-12-28

Alert Name:   Cannot retrieve end points

Event ID:   8070

Summary:   The Application Discovery and Load Balancer Service Application is unable to retrieve the list of end points for a service application from the remote farm.

Symptoms:   This event appears in the event log: Event ID: 8070 Description: An exception occurred when trying to call GetEndPoints: <EndPoint Name>.

Cause:   One or more of the following might be the cause:

  • This farm does not have permissions to connect to the remote farm.

  • Network errors or connectivity issues prevent this operation from succeeding.

You must be a member of the Farm Administrators SharePoint group on the Central Administration site to perform the following task.
Resolution:   Ensure that this farm has permissions to connect to the remote farm
  • Contact the administrator of the remote farm to ensure that the following is true:

    • This farm has been added as a trusted farm in the remote farm.

    • This farm's service account has permissions to access the topology service on the remote farm.

  • Ensure that the remote farm has been added as a trusted farm on this farm.

  • To establish the trust between two server farms, each farm must add the other farm's public root certificate to the list of trusted root authorities by using the New-SPTrustedRootAuthorityWindows PowerShell command. For more information, see New-SPTrustedRootAuthority.

Resolution:   Ensure that there are no network issues in connecting to the remote farm
  • Ping the servers in the remote farm to ensure that they are available.

  • Contact the remote farm administrator to ensure that there are no connectivity issues on that farm.